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Baby Bean Bags

You are invited to your friend’s baby shower and you find yourself browsing the internet and see a baby asleep in a huge bean bag and you think this is awesome, but is it a good gift?

baby bean bag

Fabulous gift

Yes, baby bean bags make wonderful gifts. Adults and children have known for decades how relaxing it is to flop backwards and land in a seat that instantly conforms to your shape and hold you firmly making you feel like you are being held in a cloud of comfort.

While these bean bags are not quite the same as the standard bean bags, they share many of the same features. They are soft, pliable and contour around whoever sits in them and they are extremely comfortable to lie on.

Safety features

Some of these bean bags are designed to grow with your child. For newborns to toddlers, there is usually a safety harness equipped which will hold them still so they do not fall out while they are sitting around and playing. This harness is usually removable for when they get to be older so the chair will last a lot longer.

By adjusting the filling you can have the baby either reclined or in a seated position. This does raise the issue that the filling does move and once your baby is old enough to roll over this could pose a suffocation hazard if used without proper parental supervision.

This may be a better present for children who are over a year old or that are able to sit up unassisted as there is some concern regarding SIDS and bean bags. For older children, toddlers in particular, these make wonderful chairs and a place to relax. The fact they are lightweight as well makes them very portable so the child can carry it with them from one room to another unassisted allowing them to feel like they have their own special chair at all times.

Not for sleeping

One thing that should be mentioned is that these are never to be used with children when they are sleeping. These are essentially large sacks filled with thousands of small foam beads and pose a suffocation risk as they can form around the child’s mouth and nose. You should also regularly inspect this product for damage as the beads can be a danger if swallowed or breathed in. When babies sleep they should be laid out on a flat surface with nothing that can cover their mouth or nose. Unfortunately bean bags cannot provide this as when the child moves the beans move as well and the child can easily sink.

Other features

Baby bean bags can come with many different cover options and – if you are familiar with a sewing machine – a new cover of a material of your choosing is fairly quick and simple.

Baby bean bags are available through many sources from the local department store to online retailers and are relatively inexpensive. Usually you will choose a case with a design of your liking and then there will be instructions on how to fill this case. Again, regular checking of this product is advised as any rips or tears can not only be potentially dangerous but it can also create a very large mess as the small beans can and will stick to walls, doors and places they should not have been able to reach. After a period of usage you may also notice that the bean bag is looking less full. The beans compact and you can purchase more beans to top the bag up so it is once again full.


Baby bean bags are an original and handy present. They are fun for baby and for parents. However, the safety issues can make this a better present for toddlers, so perhaps hold onto it for baby’s first birthday.

Personalized Baby Name Plates

file0001975872957Personalized baby name plates and items like it are wonderful keepsakes for your children. They can contain the child’s name, date of birth, and any other information you want on there. Perhaps there is a quote that reminds you of your child every time you think of it, or you would like to put their birth time and weight on it. All of this is possible; you are limited only by your imagination and what you are willing to spend.

What can you put on a Personalized Baby Name Plate?

The most common items to put on these plates are:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Time of birth
  • Birth weight
  • A picture of the child

These plates are wonderful for putting on the child’s wall as they let everyone know that this is the child’s room, or if they share a room that it personalizes that side as theirs and gives them a sense of space. They can also be affixed to the child’s door, on a family wall or anywhere else you may want to display them.

These plaques can contain pictures as well and your child will truly appreciate them once they are older and they move out as it is a piece of their history and shows them what they were like as a child. One plaque I saw a mother do for her child was every year she would have a small plate made that would have the date, their picture, a small quote, their favorite subject in school and what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was fascinating watching this develop as the child got older and they could always look back and watch how he developed from a little boy who wanted to be a cowboy to a teen who was excellent with computers.

Design Decisions

These plates can be as big or as small as you like, and can be made for whatever milestones you want to immortalize from their first word to their first bike. They can also be made from many different materials from wood to glass to metals. Again, it all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Most of these plates are squares or rectangles; however, it is possible to have them made into any shape.

Where can I buy them?

These plates can be purchased from a number of retailers and most places that do digital printing can either do it for you or point you in the right direction to someone who can. They can range in price from inexpensive to fairly expensive depending on the materials, size, location, among other things. Local places such as WalMart can have these printed relatively cheaply and conveniently. You can design it online and have it shipped directly to your door making it ideal for those last minute Christmas gifts when the weather is bad out and travel is dangerous.

These are a great present for any member of the family for any occasion as they are so adaptable and can be completely customized. You can even have plates made to showcase a special drawing your child did.

You may also want to check out personalized photo frames.

Personalized Teddy Bears

A new baby will invariably mean new soft toys, especially teddy bears. What child doesn’t have a teddy bear from when they were a newborn? So if you’re looking for a personalized gift for a baby that they can play with and enjoy not just as a baby but as a child (and even an adult) as well then a personalized teddy bear is your answer.

There are two types of personalized teddy bears: those with custom printed t-shirts, and those that are made from scratch.bear

Teddy Bear T-Shirts

By far the most common option available over the internet. For these types of bear you typically select one of the teddy bears available in the collection, and design a personalized t-shirt or top to go over the bear. The top can be simple, with some custom text such as the babies name or a small phrase. Or it can be more involved, with you selecting what color the t-shirt is, an image for the t-shirt and what you want the t-shirt to say. There are lots of websites that provide this service, so shop around for one that provides what you want.

This is a great option if you want something cheaply or quickly, and can even be delivered to the lucky baby.

Made from scratch

Another option, and one that gives you a lot more control, is to make  a bear from scratch. Many shops specialising in teddy bears and dolls will provide a service where they will make a teddy bear to your specifications. Depending on the shop you might be able to specify everything from the type of animal, what colours the teddy is and even what facial expressions or eyes it has. It is easy to get something embroiled onto a a teddy made from scratch like this, letting you make something highly personalised.

Some websites offer a service like this as well, but generally the options are more restrictive. Bears made from scratch obviously will cost a lot more that those whose customisations extend to simple t-shirts.

Making it yourself

Nothing shows as much love for the recipient as making a bear completely from scratch with your own hands. This will allow you to completely control the appearance of your teddy. However this the most time consuming option, not to mention you need a lot of skill.

A less time consuming option is to buy a teddy bear kit. Such kits often have everything included as well as simple instructions. You can still make such a teddy very personal by customizing it – such as embroidering a message – but again this can take a bit of time and skill.


A personalized teddy bear as a gift can be something that a  child will treasure forever. The simplest option is to buy a teddy with a personalized t-shirt from online. For something a lot more personalized you can order something made from scratch but this takes more time and money and can be harder to find. Lastly, if you have the time and ability, making a teddy from scratch is easily the most personal and loved filled way to get that perfect, life long, gift.

Travel Cribs

Travel cribs are cribs that you take with you when you go on trips with the baby and the benefit is that you don’t have to use the hotel cribs.  Many hotel cribs have been declared unsafe by safety inspectors over the years. If you want to find the best travel crib you should read different reviews and talk to friends for recommendations. Most travel cribs are easy to assemble.  It is important to read the instructions carefully and so all that is asked.  These make a great baby gift as it is not something that new parents generally think to buy when they are having a baby, but it is sure to be useful.

Tips on Buying The Right Cribs

While a brand may not be the most important thing when searching for the right travel crib, it does help if you choose a travel crib from a reputable brand, such as baby bjorn. Ask friends, which brands work the best for them and another thing you can do is read a few reviews on consumer advocacy websites general review websites. You should read up on the current safety recalls on travel cribs as well. Finding a travel crib that is easy to maintain is also important and you should choose a crib that suits your baby’s weight and age.

baby bjorn travel crib

How To Buy Affordable Travel Cribs

You can purchase used travel cribs at local flea markets since most of the cribs there are in good condition, but you should still inspect them to ensure that the crib is safe. Another idea is to take advantage of weekly sales on travel cribs.  There are plenty of online retailers that sell travel cribs at discount prices.


Buying a travel crib takes careful research and an understanding of what you want in a good travel crib. Before you purchase a travel crib you want to look at the installation and maintenance instructions because you want to have an idea of how much trouble it will take to install and maintain the crib. When you set up the crib for the baby, you don’t want to crowd the crib with too many toys since this causes a hazard for the baby. To add a decorative touch to the crib, paint it a different color or put rhinestones on the outside of it.  Finally, you should troubleshoot the crib for problems so that you can keep the baby safe at all times.

Personalized Towels

personalized towels

Because baths are going to be a part of your baby’s life, why not order personalized towels with the baby’s name monogrammed on them or other kinds of embroidered designs?

When your baby has personalized towels, you create lifelong memories of your child that you can share with him as he gets older. When your child gets older he may decide to give those towels to his own children. Personalized baby towels come in a variety of colors and patterns and you can buy them in bulk so that you’ll always have them on hand.

Where Can I Get Affordable Personalized Baby Towels?

Mail order catalogs often have affordable personalized baby towels that will include different embroidered designs or monogrammed lettering on them at discount prices. Another option you have is to visit local home décor stores and inquire about any sales that they may have on personalized baby towels. Online retailers sometimes offer sales on personalized baby towels and if you have promo codes or coupons, you save money this way.

Ideas for Animal Based Baby Towels

For those who want to make their own personalized towels for the baby, here are some ideas for creating animal based personalized baby towels. One thing you can do is put embroidered designs of zoo animals such as zebras, elephants, giraffes and lions on the baby towels. Another idea is to put designs of sea creatures and fish on the towels.

Turning Baby Towels Into Bibs

If you have quite a few baby towels from a few months ago and you’re in need of new bibs, you can turn the towels into bibs. This saves you money on purchasing bibs if you’re on a tight budget and this is a fun activity you can do with your older children on the weekends. To turn the personalized towel into a bib, first put the towel on a flat board then you cut a line through the towel halfway and then you would cut out a circle from the towel. Once you do this you would sew the two pieces near the top of the newly created bib and then the bib is finished.

Decorating The Nursery With Personalized Towels

Another way to decorate your baby’s nursery is to use personalized towels to place on the walls and on the floor instead of a decorative area rug. Don’t place too many towels in the nursery because you’ll need the bulk of those towels to use while giving the baby a bath.


Personalized towels are excellent gift ideas for new parents because these towels look elegant and the new parents will be appreciative of your gift. When your baby reaches school age, frame his old towels and put the frame on the wall in your child’s room as a reminder of his infant years. Personalized towels can be used to fit in with any season and they come in a variety of fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, hemp and silk.

Personalized Photo Frames

Photo credit: Virginia L.

Photo credit: Virginia L.

A common trend in baby gifts is personalized photo frames.  They work well as gifts for new parents who want to preserve the memories of their children. You can personalize these yourself by purchasing the frames and decorating it yourself.  For example, some people stencil the baby’s name on the frames while others put small rhinestones on the frames.

Neat Things You Can Put on Personalized Photo Frames

If you’re creating personalized photo frame for a baby, here are some ideas for putting messages or images on the frames. If you know the new parents are huge fans of a certain sports team, you can paint the frames in the colors of that team. Or if you feel that the new parents would want a theme that is religious based for the frame, you can engrave a favorite scripture of theirs on the photo frames.

Fabric Covered Photo Frames

Another thing you can do is purchase personalized photo frames that are covered in fabric all around the edges because this adds a decorative touch to the frames. If your baby has plenty of cotton clothing you can take pieces of cotton fabric to cover the frame and you can use colored pieces as décor for the picture frames.

Why Personalized Photo Frames Make Good Gifts

One reason why personalized photo frames make good gifts is that they are inexpensive to purchase and even more inexpensive to decorate. Another reason why personalized photo frames make good gifts is because it is something that the parents can use for additional children they may have and this personalized frame could be passed down from generation to generation.


If you don’t want the same boring picture frames to place the baby’s pictures inside, you should consider personalized photo frames because they add a special personal touch that can create memories that last a lifetime. Wooden or brass frames are especially good for personalizing with decorative items and you can decorate the frames with new paint, bows, rhinestones and even food labels. However, I don’t recommend putting too many things around the frame because you want the attention to remain in the photo itself. Another idea is to decorate the frame according to a certain decade such as the Roaring 20s or the 70s if the new parent grew up in that decade.

Personalized Baby Clothes

Personalized baby clothes are simply clothes that are personalized with things such as monograms, photos or stencils.

There are benefits to having personalized baby clothes and one includes the ability to present the new mother with clothing that will create memories not only for her, but also for the child because as she gets older, the mother will show her the personalized baby clothes and the child will get excited about seeing the clothes that were made especially for them. You can make the personalized baby clothing yourself if you’re skilled at sewing or you can visit a specialty gift store and order the clothing. Another great to find personalized baby clothing is on Etsy.

personalized baby clothes

Where Can I Get Sewing Patterns For Making Personalized Baby Clothes?

If you want to make personalized baby clothes, but you want sewing patterns to help you as a guide, you can visit the local fabric shop to obtain sewing patterns for baby clothes of all patterns and sizes. The Internet also has downloadable sewing patterns that you can print out for use when making the personalized baby clothes. Sometimes your friends and relatives may have some sewing patterns that you can use.

Football Jerseys for Babies

If you and your spouse are big football fans, you can have fun with your baby and purchase a personalized football jersey for the baby. If you have a daughter, ask the company to put a special football related messages on a pink or other pastel colored jersey. You can have a funny saying about your football team embroidered on the baby’s jersey along with a photo of the baby printed on the jersey.

Good Fabrics for Baby Clothes

When you buy personalized baby clothing, you should choose clothing that is made of fabric that will be comfortable for the baby. Don’t buy personalized baby clothing that contains elastic because this is uncomfortable for the baby.

Cotton is a good choice for baby clothing as it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. A cotton/polyester combination is also neat for baby clothes because clothes that are made of both fabrics do not shrink as quickly as other kinds of baby clothes. Other good fabrics for personalized baby clothes include fleece, linen and bamboo.

Things You Can Embroider on Personalized Baby Clothes

The list is endless when it comes to ideas for things you can embroider on personalized baby clothes. If you’re into environmental issues and enjoy nature, embroider images of trees, ocean, birds and a globe on the outfit. Or if you enjoy reading books, embroider images of books and paper on the clothing.


Personalized baby clothes are a great gift for babies because as your baby becomes an adult, he can pass down those clothes to his own children and then they will pass them on to your grandchildren one day. Be creative when buying or making baby clothes and get inspiration from different sewing patterns. Make sure you buy personalized baby clothing that is the right size so that it will not fit too tightly or too loose on the baby.

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