Personalized Baby Gifts

All the best personalized gifts for your baby

Travel Cribs

baby bjorn travel crib

Travel cribs are cribs that you take with you when you go on trips with the baby and the benefit is that you don’t have to use the hotel cribs.  Many hotel cribs have been declared unsafe by safety inspectors over the years. If you want to find the best travel crib you should read […]

Personalized Towels

personalized towels

Because baths are going to be a part of your baby’s life, why not order personalized towels with the baby’s name monogrammed on them or other kinds of embroidered designs? When your baby has personalized towels, you create lifelong memories of your child that you can share with him as he gets older. When your […]

Personalized Photo Frames

Photo credit: Virginia L.

A common trend in baby gifts is personalized photo frames.  They work well as gifts for new parents who want to preserve the memories of their children. You can personalize these yourself by purchasing the frames and decorating it yourself.  For example, some people stencil the baby’s name on the frames while others put small […]

Personalized Baby Clothes

personalized baby clothes

Personalized baby clothes are simply clothes that are personalized with things such as monograms, photos or stencils. There are benefits to having personalized baby clothes and one includes the ability to present the new mother with clothing that will create memories not only for her, but also for the child because as she gets older, […]

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